Exporting to the World

Our Business Partners include some of the well known names from North America, Europe and Asia and we are proud to be associated with some very well known brands and Companies. The Trading companies represent a wide range of products and services, from Consumer to Industrial. OMZEST has always believed in going the extra mile, which shows in our relationships with our Partners. Some of the relationships have been built over four decades of working together

Export to Countries

Omzest ExportsFollowing is the list of countries to which Omzest group of companies export its various products to

Algeria Ireland Sweden 
Angola Italy  Switzerland 
Armenia Japan  Tanzania 
Australia Jordan  Thailand 
Austria Kazakhstan  Togo 
Azerbaijan Kenya  Turkmenistan 
Bahrain Kirgistan  Uganda 
Bangladesh Kuwait  United Arab Emirates 
Belgium Luxemburg  United Kingdom 
Brunei Malaysia  United States of America 
Burkina Faso Maldives  Uzbekistan 
Burundi Mali  Vietnam 
Cameroon Malta  Zaire 
Canada Mauritania  Zambia
Chad Mauritius 
Chile Micronesian Islands 
China Morocco 
Cyprus Nigeria 
Croatia Norway 
Denmark Pakistan 
Djibouti Peru 
Ethiopia Portugal 
France Qatar 
Gabon Romania 
Gambia Saudi Arabia 
Georgia Sierra Leone 
Germany Singapore 
Ghana Slovenia 
Greece South Africa 
Holland South Korea 
Hong Kong  Spain 
India  Sri Lanka 


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