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Decorative Glass Manufacturing LLC commenced its activities at Rusayl Industrial Estate in 1987 with only five employees. Steady progress was made over the years in terms of development, while its reputation in quality craftsmanship in the field of stained glass also spread far and wide. The Company also undertakes special projects of designing and fabricating murals. Recently, it has ventured into interior design and decoration and has successfully completed some major commissions.Decorative Glass

Leaded Stained Glass is manufactured by using either cathedral or antique glass with pure lead cames, double soldered, cemented and zeebrited to attain a rich black finish with colour scheme and lamination of clear glass from both sides. Resin Stained Glass is effectively used wherever Leaded Stained Glass cannot be used due to its restrictions.

This is fabricated by using resins mixed with various colour pigments to ultimately look like Leaded Stained Glass. This technology helps in producing sceneries and very intricate designs in big sizes. Straight line and shape, edge polishing and bevels on glass and mirrors of various thicknesses is efficiently executed by fully automatic machines.

The Company has the privilege of decorating a number of government offices, viz., State Council Hall, the Ministries of Civil Aviation, Petroleum, Defence, Justice, Development, Agriculture and Fisheries, Muscat Municipality and the Oman International Bank headquarters. In addition, leading shopping complexes like the Capital Commercial Centre and International Golden Furniture also form a part of its distinguished clientele.

Our main Products are as follows:

  • Leaded Stained Glass
  • Surface Treated Stained Glass
  • Resin Stained Glass
  • AirbrushDecorative Glass
  • Double Glazing
  • Etching and Bevelling on glass and mirrors
  • Interior Designing and Decoration
  • Innovative Designer Acrylic Products
  • Mirror Mosaics, Marble Engraving and Murals
  • Computerised Michelangelo Multi-purpose Painting System

Contact Details
Decorative Glass Manufacturing LLC
P.O. Box No. 31
Road No 11
Factory No 1118
Postal Code 124
Sultanate of Oman
Tel. : (968) 24446065 / 24446925
Fax : (968) 24446219

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