Oman Agriculture Development Company SAOG


Oman Agriculture Development Company SAOG. was established in the year 1978, under the Management of the Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries of the Sultanate of Oman. In the year 1990, under the Government’s privatisation programme, the Company was privatised as a joint stock Company with 100% Omani Shareholding in which OMZEST participated. In 1994, the OMZEST Group became the major shareholder in the Company and was responsible for the remarkable turnaround of the Company. Within three years of the takeover, it declared its maiden dividend and has been profitable since.

The farm is located at Sohar, 235 kms north of Muscat, and occupies an area of 800 hectares. The current activities of the farm involve production of Fresh Milk, Yoghurt, Laban, Fresh Juices utilizing modern technologies of production. Agriculture area (developed land) comprises of 500 hectares, irrigated by 9 Center Pivots and Drip Irrigation System for the production of Green fodder throughout the year.

The Company deploys 46 vans in all its sales operations. The Company has its own fleet of refrigerated trucks which load the fresh products daily and reach the shops and establishments in Oman in the morning. Sales depots with cold stores facilities are provided in the Capital to distribute farm fresh products to Muscat and Interior areas. In 1995, the Company introduced the innovative service of Home Delivery in the Muscat Capital region which has proved a success.

Dairy Farm

OADC Dairy

Dairy has about 3000 Heads of Holstein-Fresian cattle under intensive Management. Breeding is by Artificial Insemination to facilitate animals of better genetic stock. Milking is carried out in a fully automated Milking Parlour thrice a day. In addition to Fresh Milk, Yoghurt, Laban, Desserts, and Fresh Fruit Juices are produced and distributed throughout the Sultanate.

Dairy Processing Plant
A Processing Plant with capacity to produce 30,000 ltrs of fresh milk & milk products. It manufactures Dairy Products under the Sohar, Sunfarms and Moo Cow Brands.

  • Sohar Fresh Milk Full Cream
  • Sohar Fresh Milk with Dates
  • Sohar Low Fat Milk
  • Sohar Cardoman Flavour Milk
  • Sohar Flavoured Vanilla Milk
  • Moocow Strawberry Milk
  • Moocow Banana Milk
  • Sunfarms Rose Milk
  • OADC ProductsSohar Fresh Yoghurt Full Cream
  • Sohar Fresh Yoghurt Low Fat
  • Sunfarms Yoghurt Low Fat
  • Sohar Low Fat Fruit Yoghurt Mix Fruit
  • Sohar Low Fat Fruit Yoghurt Strawberry
  • Sohar Low Fat Fruit Yoghurt Black Currant
  • Sohar Low Fat Fruit Yoghurt. Peach Melba
  • Sunfarms Natural Yoghurt Full Cream
  • Sohar Fresh Laban
  • Sohar Laban Drink
  • Sunfarms Fresh Labaneh
  • Sunfarms Baheej Laban Drink
  • Sunfarms Low Fat Laban Drink
  • Sunfarms Jeera Laban Drink
  • Sunfarms Rich Full Cream Natural Yoghurt
  • Sohar Orange Juice
  • Sohar Red Orange Drink
  • Sohar Pineapple Drink
  • Sohar Mango Drink
  • Sohar Fruit Cocktail Drink
  • Sohar Lemon Drink
  • Sohar Strawberry Drink
  • Sohar Mix berry Drink
  • Sohar Kiwi Lemon Drink

OADC Plant

We also undertake private labelling and contract canning.

Contact Details
Oman Agriculture Development Company SAOG
Farm & Factory P.O. Box No. 66, Sohar,
Postal Code 311
Sultanate of Oman
Tel: (968) 26840301
Fax: (968) 26842363
Sales Office City: P.O. Box No. 604,
Postal Code: 112, Ruwi, Sultanate of Oman.
Tel: 24592947
Fax 24595147

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