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Waleed Associates is a registered Limited Liability Company (LLC) formed in 1971. It is a part of the Omar Zawawi Group of Companies. The group has been a Partner in Progress in the Sultanate of Oman. The company has also been instrumental in pioneering projects and has invested in a number of companies in Oman. The emphasis is on local value addition, development of Omani human resources and providing quality products & services to meet customer requirements.

Waleed Associates focuses on forming international alliances and Joint Ventures for Oil, Gas, Energy, Industrial, Infrastructure projects as well as supporting its Principals in a number of key areas notably in oil & gas, industry, infrastructure projects, transmission & distribution of energy, generation & distribution of power, telecom, IT, water & waste treatment, security & marine services.

Joint Ventures with:

  • Siemens LLC, Oman

Solutions / Services Offered:

  • Waleed Associates LLC is a Systems Integrator for Siemens Industrial Automation, Variable Frequency Drives & Instrumentation. We undertake turnkey responsibility including design, engineering, assembly, commissioning & site services for these systems. We have a fully equipped Systems Integration Centre in Muscat with 100% local expertise. In addition to this, we undertake customer training and annual maintenance contracts.
  • Waleed Associates has the capability of offering solutions for design, installation, commissioning as well as after sales repair & maintenance services for Traffic Lights, Traffic Systems, Electronic Variable Message Signs & UPS Systems.
  • Parking Machines
  • Jenoptik-Robot  ‘Speed and Red-light enforcement system’
  • HAENNI ‘Wheel Load Scales for mobile weight enforcement’
  • Ortana ‘Electronic Variable Message Signs’
  • Trinity ‘Safety Barriers’
  • Aldis ‘Camera’
  • UPS
  • Batteries

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Products & services offered by Waleed Associates:

  • Industrial Automation Systems – PLC’s, SCADA, DS, Telemetry etc.
  • Variable Frequency Drive Systems – VFD’s
  • Motors – Low Voltage & Medium Voltage
  • Field Instrumentation – Pressure, Flow, Level, Temperature
  • LV Switchgear, Control Gear, Soft Starters, Motor Controllers
  • MOCOTECH MV Soft Starters
  • Switchgear & Control Gear
  • Soft Starters – Low Voltage & Medium Voltage
  • Low Voltage Control Panels and Switchboards
  • Flender Gear Boxes & Couplings
  • Systems Integrator for providing services for Automation Solutions, PLC’s, SCADA, DCS, VFD’s etc
  • Liquid Analyzers
  • Gas Analyzers / Chromatographs
  • Chalmit Hazardous Area Light Fittings Assembled by Waleed Associates
  • HAWKE Hazardous Area Cable Glands & Junction Boxes
  • Capacitor Banks – Low Voltage & Medium Voltage
  • Harmonic Filters – Active and Passive
  • Harmonics Analysis and Harmonics Measurement / Audit
  • Motor Diagnostics at site – On-line and Off-line
  • Reactors, Special Transformers, Capacitor Banks & Harmonic Filters
  • Boilers, Heat Exchangers, Condensers – Repair / Maintenance
  • HDPE / Anti Corrosion Lining
  • CCTV Inspection & repair of water & waste water pipelines
  • Glycol Dehydration Units
  • Amine Gas Sweetening Units
  • Oil & Gas Process equipment
  • Demisters, Tower packing
  • Advanced Borehole Seismology
  • Specialized Filtration Systems
  • Environmental Services
  • Renewable Energy Projects
  • Telecom Operations Support Systems OSS
  • Telecom Business Support Systems BSS
  • IT business applications such as Data Centres
  • IT application
  • Supply of SIM cards

The Food Division indents, markets, exports and does air logistics of Chilled & Frozen Chicken, Chicken Parts, Lamb, Sheep, Beef, Frozen Vegetables, Fresh Eggs, Dairy Products, Corned Beef, Sugar & Lentils.

Omanisation: 37%

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Waleed Associates Office
Contact Us:
PO Box 437, Postal Code 100, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
‘Al Dalaleel’ Bldg. No. 226, Al Saidiya Street, Way No. 8621,
Muscat,  Sultanate of Oman
Tel: (00968) 24737428
Fax: (00968) 24737443

Email: wass@omzest.com, sales-wass@omzest.com

JV Website: http://www.omzest.com/companies/siemens-llc-oman.html

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