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An aromatic gum resin found in the Dhofar mountains first put Oman on the world map. The intense perfume obtained from frankincense is said to have exercised incantatory powers over consumers. Trade in the early Middle Ages reached as far as Alexandria, from where it was loaded onto vessels headed for Genoa. A nation of seafarers, Omani merchants later spread the mystique of frankincense to Zanzibar, where it is still sold at outdoor markets.

History can offer smart parables. Oman is located on the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, midway between Asia and Europe. The nation governed by Sultan Quaboos has learned to cultivate globalization on its own terms ever since its forebears explored the Indian Ocean in intrepid dhows. It comes as no surprise then that it is beginning to lay the foundations of what it sees as a future knowledge-based society. It has liberalized mobile networks and opened R&D labs in Muscat, the capital, to maximize its options.
But Oman is much more than the sum of its historical feats.  Natural gas, a clean-burning fuel, offers a conduit to future economic sustainability. The Sultanate is a classic small, open economy where the tax regime is flexible and inflation is low.

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