OMZEST Business Verticals

Financial Services & Investments

OMZEST has ventures in Banking, Insurance & Finance, which are providing world class service in these fields, towards the overall economic development of Oman.

Construction & Contracting

OMZEST has multiple companies in the field of construction and contracting which are contributing towards the infrastructural development of Oman.


OMZEST has number of companies engaged in the manufacture of a broad spectrum of goods for the domestic market as well as exports to nearly 100 countries in the world.


OMZEST offers a host of services such as medical care, IT solutions, office equipment and furniture, shipping, travel & tourism, etc, through its various service-oriented companies.

Trading & Representation

OMZEST represents some of the leading companies in the world thereby offering an unparalleled choice of the best brands and after sales service to consumers in Oman and Worldwide.

Training & Education

OMZEST has an educational institution which offers bachelor degree courses in engineering, business administration and computer applications.

   Business in Oman

Since 1970, Oman has truly become the land where dreams come true. You just need to have a grand vision and passion to succeed. This is the spirit of Oman, and this is exactly what OMZEST stands for. So whether you are an individual or a corporate, Oman is the place where you will truly find your calling. Please feel free to get in touch with us to explore business partnerships or job opportunities in Oman.    

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   News & Events


About Us

Now in its Sixth decade of business excellence, OMZEST has been making significant contributions to the economic development of Oman, helping creation of an empowered and successful nation. With business volumes exceeding a billion dollar, OMZEST provides employment to several thousand individuals. We are a multi-location conglomerate with diverse interests across a wide range of products and services. With exports to nearly one hundred countries across the world, our ambitions are on a global scale. With over 75 wholly...    

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OMZEST is a group that encourages individuals to achieve their professional goals. As an OMZEST employee, you have the opportunity to not only work but excel in your area of expertise. Our portfolio of over 75 wholly owned and associate companies makes OMZEST one of the Sultanate's premier and most diversified business groups. We offer many opportunities to deserving professionals to realise their true potential and grow as a professional. Explore the vacancies we currently have available and let's join hands and contribute towards the future growth of Oman!    Read more >

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