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Established in 1983, Riyam Computer Services LLC (RCS) is a leading software house in the Sultanate of Oman. RCS has built a strong track record of providing professional IT services to both private and government sectors. RCS has earned the trust and goodwill of the market as one of the most competent, customer-friendly and reliable software consultancy companies to do business with.

RCS has a special team of highly qualified and experienced IT professionals in all areas of services, catering to the requirements of various market sectors viz Trading, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical and Financial / Banking sectors in Oman. RCS has developed software packages which are being used by a large number of customers in Oman. These packages are developed on various platforms such as ORACLE, .Net Technologies, Visual Basic, MS-Access and others under Operating Systems such as Windows Server, UNIX and LINUX. RCS has rich experience in the development of customized software packages to meet the specific needs of its customers.

RCS provides turnkey solutions for software projects, from business planning to software implementation, post implementation support and all the consulting services for clients seeking assurance in the area of software development, system integration, system design, application customization, data conversion, training and documentation development.

RCS has an alliance partner with extensive experience in modernizing large IT applications (Legacy, SOA, Open source, Internet technologies) and providing high value services around business applications SAP, Oracle-PeopleSoft and Siebel. This partnership allows RCS to operate as an enterprise-class solutions company. A deep understanding of business processes across numerous service sectors and a range of cutting edge technologies enables RCS to engineer scalable, robust solutions to meet specific business needs.

RCS has successfully executed projects for reputed industries, which cover a broad range of sectors, including manufacturing, financial services, banking, health care and other service industries. Software packages developed by RCS are rich in functionality and suit the specific requirements of clients.


  • Flexi  – A 100% Omani ERP solution for SMBs.
  • Adrenalin ? A Robust Web based HRMS Solution
  • FineDocs ? Enterprise Document Management System
  • iGuard ?  Time & Attendance and Access Control System
  • IT Security ? Secure Application Access with 3 Factor Authentication
  • Mushroom Networks – Bandwidth Aggregation Solution.


  • Application Maintenance
  • Technology Consulting
  • Custom Application Development
  • SAP Solutions
  • Oracle Practice
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Oracle Forms to Java Migration.

   ERP Solution

HRMS solution

Document Management

RCS-iGuard Attendance Management


Contact Details:
Riyam Computer Services LLC
Way No 2108, Building 387
Al Inshirah Street, Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos
Opp. Al Khuwair Centre Point Mall
Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.
Ph: (+968 ) 24 691230
Fax: (+968) 24 695230
Email: info_rcs@omzest.com
Website: http://www.riyamcomputers.com


Office Supplies Successfully Furnishes the New Head Quarters of Bank Muscat

Office Supplies Co. LLC has successfully completed one of the largest (around 2000 workstations) of office furniture (desks) in the new prestigious Head Quarter Building of Bank Muscat at Seeb Airport Heights.

Installation comprised of the following with Steelcase FrameOne desking range:

  • 1500 nos. open office concept workstations with Partition Screens and a very versatile pedestal.
  • 60 managerial workstations.
  • 30 meeting room tables of different configuration.
  • 50 treasury and dealing room tables.

These workstations (as shown in the pictures) along with front and lateral Partition Screens provide adequate privacy and required interaction among staff and uses the space very efficiently.  Specially designed Steelcase Partition Screens and its accessories ensure very efficient uses of vertical space for files, computer screens, telephone etc. to keep the worktop surface available for the user in a tidy manner.

Cable management system provides a very convenient usage of power, telephone and data sourcing ensuring that the wires are not visible outside.  The pedestal with cushion top is a smart way of providing space to a visitor when needed.

The colour scheme of worktop, partition screens (front and lateral) and legs of the desks together ensures a very aesthetic and elegant appearance to the entire furniture.  The overall installation gives rise to an ambience of professionalism and harmony for achieving higher productivity of the staff.


The overall installation gives rise to an ambience of professionalism and harmony for achieving higher productivity of the staff.

iGuard Access Control, Time and Attendance


iGuard is a Biometrics (fingerprint identification) and Contactless Smart Card Access Control & Time Attendance system designed for business. Rather than using the traditional optical fingerprint scanner, it uses the most-advanced capacitive fingerprint sensor for fingerprint acquisition, to achieve the highest fingerprint-identification results in the industry. And unlike other security systems, iGuard includes the embedded Web Server, which enables all computers, such as Apple Macintosh, PCs & Unix machines, in the corporate computer network to setup, maintain and access the information of the device simultaneously using the well-known Internet Browser.


1. Built-in Web Server:

The built-in Web Server enables all the computers in the corporate network to directly & simultanously access the device using any Internet Browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer & Netscape Navigator. Different computer platforms such as Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Windows & Linux machines can access the device. No additional software is required.

So whether you are in an airport lounge or a hotel room, you can always check if your employees are already in the office or not, and you can even control, modify or disable their access rights to your office remotely via internet connection.




2. LM520-FOSC Series: Optical Fingerprint Sensor:

It uses next-generation fingerprint technology including SecuGen’s ruggedized, high image quality fingerprint optic module and high speed fingerprint matching algorithms .

3. Contactless SmartCard:

With this feature, your workforce can gain access to the iGuard faster and smarter, by using the Philips Mifare Contactless Smart Card. Each user would have his / her own smart card, which stores the user information including the name, company & branch code, and the fingerprint information. This feature is specially useful during high-traffic period, such as during the beginning and the end of the day, that most employees clock in and out for the day at almost the same time.

4. Secure Access:

Network integrity and security are ensured via SSL network encryption (optional).

5. Built-in Database Server:

The built-in Database Server allows obtaining the employee information and the access & attendance records easily, thus cutting the processing time for jobs like payroll calculation from days to minutes.

All the information is real-time information, instead of week-old or day-old data. In contrast, other systems must use dedicated computers running special proprietary software to retrieve the information, and usually dedicated persons are required to perform the jobs.


1. Multiple verification methods:

With iGuard, users can be authenticated and verified through either Fingerprint, Smartcard or Password. And depending on the different time period, you can set up the iGuard that the users can just simply presents his smartcard to get authorized (such as during high-traffic period), or requires the high-security fingerprint verification (such as after office hours or during weekends and holidays).

2. Access Rights:

When you can easily and conveniently assign different access rights to your employees, you can plan your security better and maximize the effectiveness of the human resources . And with the built-in Web Server tecnnology, iGuard empowers you to manage the access rights of each individual employees or a group of employees easily anytime, anywhere using any web-enabled computers or mobile devices. For example, you can assign the staff members of the marketing department the rights to get in the office premises during weekdays from nine to five only, or prevent a particular employee from entering the computer server room.

3. Reports:

iGuard includes three built-in reports: Access Log, Attendance Report & Daily In/Out report, that can be accessed via any web-enabled computer with web browser. Should more sophisticated reports be required, such as for the payroll purposes, the information can be downloaded and saved in Microsoft Excel format and in plain text format.

In addition, the access records can be saved in any PC in the network in the popular ODBC database format in real-time manner, and other applications can conveniently obtain the information from the ODBC (the required software, iServer.exe, is available free-of-charge in our download page).

4. Economical:

All the necessary hardware and software is built-in to the device, including the hardware to connect the system to the corporate network. All you need to do is to plug-in the popular RJ-45 network cable to the back of the device. No other hardware and wiring is necessary. In contrast, all other existing security systems use the old RS232 & RS485 wiring system to connect to the dedicated computers (not to the corporate network), and it usually involves a lot of extra wiring works.

5. Small Footprint:

iGuard is a wall-mounted unit elegantly designed with extremely small footprint. In fact, it is the smallest stand-alone biometrics device available in the market today. It can be mounted easily and conveniently without requiring a lot of space.


6. User-Friendliness

iGuard is an Internet-Ready Security System, and is the first and the only security product in the market that uses TCP/IP as the protocol to communicate with other iGuards and the outside world. The protocol enables the device to directly connect to the corporate network via the existing cable wiring. And since the TCP/IP protocol is the Internet protocol, it allows all computers in the corporate network to access the device using the Internet Browser software. As a result, users do not need to learn to use a new software to access and administer the device, and most users can start using the device in minutes. In contrast, all other similar security systems use proprietary protocol & wiring, and proprietary software is required to access these systems.

And for compatibility purposes, iGuard also supports conventional interfaces including Wiegands, RS-485 & RS-232.


1. Master/Slave configuration:

Mulitple iGuard units can be setup as a Master/Slave network. Under this configuration, one iGuard would be assigned as the Master, and all other units are configured as slaves. When a user enroll in any one of these iGuard units, his / her user information, including the fingerprint information, would be replicated to all other iGuard units in the same master / slave network, so the same user does not need to enroll multiple times in order to have the access rights to all these units.



2. Remote Door Relay:

This controller further increases the security level by controlling the door strike from inside of the premises. With this optional controller, the iGuard sends a special signal to this controller to open the door, rather than directly open the door with the internal relay. Because this optional controller is installed inside the premises, it is now impossible for the intruders to get into the premises, even if they break the iGuard.


FineDocs, Enterprise Content Management (ECM)


Pyramid Consulting is a leader in the ECM (Enterprise Content Management) arena with its popular flagship product suite and solution ? FineDocs ECM.

It ensures an optimum ECM experience with a complete range of ECM products, tools and technologies that span DMS, BPM, Capture and Forms Processing Solutions, along with a number of ECM modules, plug-ins and components.

FineDocs is a complete ECM platform and not merely a product suite. It conjoins concepts, solutions, tools, technologies, methods, strategies, and above all, a commitment to excellence in Document, Content, Information and Business Process Management.

FineDocs DMS helps organizations manage unstructured content through its complete lifecycle, moving it along the respective stages of Capture, Management, Storage and Delivery to finally bring it to Archival.

FineDocs automates Content Capture and Creation with individual products, modules and components, as elucidated in brief below:





FineFlow BPM is an extremely capable business process management (BPM) solution that helps in the intelligent coordination of people, tasks and information. It has all the advanced features and functionalities of a true BPM solution that spans Process Designer, Form-Builder, Reporting-BAM & Analytics, Queue, Calendar and ECM Integration, along with the Process Manager.

Pyramid has been serving industries, government, PSUs and SMEs, however large or small, for more than 15 years.

We have been devising and creating solutions for the entire vertical, as well as the horizontal solutions (business process-focused) under a particular vertical. FineDocs ECM has been a great success already, with more than 240 successful implementations across different verticals and geographical locations.

ECM and BPM have not only become an infrastructure requirement today but are a true-value investment for your modern organizations.

2011, A Year of Excellence for Waleed Pharmacy & Stores


Waleed Pharmacy & Stores LLC has received a Maintenance Equipment with Zero Down time Award at 3rd Muscat International Oncology Conference held from Royal Hospital, National Oncology Center, on February, 2011



Waleed Pharmacy & Stores LLC has received the best sales performance award for 2011 from 3M Health Care, USA in Middle East & Africa regions.


Waleed Pharmacy & Stores LLC has received an award for the best sales performance for the year 2011 from M/s. Sakura Finetek Europe B.V.



Medrad Inc USA is a worldwide market leader manufacturing and distributing the high tech medical devices used to diagnose and treat diseases. They offer fluid injection system for Radiology and Cardiology. Waleed Pharmacy & Stores LLC has been associated for more than 8 years.

MEDRAD USA. Medrad distributor meeting held on 25.01.2012 at Dubai in that they announced 7 outstanding performers of the year. Waleed Pharmacy & Stores LLC has been recognized as one of the best performers of the year 2011 as WPS achieved 149% sales growth over 2010.













3M Health care is a division of highly diversified 3M Company USA. It is one of the largest producer of Medical, Surgical and CSSD products. Waleed Pharmacy & Stores LLC has been associated with 3M for more than 27 years. Waleed Pharmacy & Stores LLC has received the best sales growth award for Skin & Wound Care division for the year 2010.


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