Medical & Scientific Supplies LLC


Medical & Scientific Supplies LLC (MSS) was established in 1992, under the Group umbrella of Omar Zawawi Establishment (OMZEST). MSS, as the name suggests, specializes in the supply of Hospital/Medical/Laboratory equipment, Surgical Disposables and Chemicals. The Company undertakes supply, installation and commissioning of medical equipment for various hospitals.


MSS has established itself as one of the leading suppliers of medical Systems/products. MSS enjoys a very good reputation in the market and has excellent relationships with various customers such as the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defence, Royal Oman Police, Sultan Qaboos University Hospitals and other Private Institutions.


Medical & Diagnostic Equipment

  • Medtronic/Covidien,USA- Radio Frequency Ablation(Varicose vein Treatment).
  • Medtronic/Covidien,USA ? SCD express, WarmTouch, Kangaroo ePump, Thermometer, AV impulse.
  • Straub Medical, Switzerland ? Thrombectomy Device.
  • Canafusion, Canada ? Syringe pump, Infusion pump, Blood warmer.
  • Inspiration Healthcare, UK ? Tecotherm (body cooling system) MSS1


  • Agaoglu, Turkey – Wound-care dressings and casting products.
  • Biomedical Technologies, S.Korea ? SPO2 Sensors
  • Biorad Medisys Pvt. Ltd., India – Urology & Gastroenterology products
  • Medicon EG, Germany – Surgical Instruments.
  • MEDPro Medical, Netherlands – Disposable Urology products such as catheters, dilators, stents.
  • Med-Italia Biomedica, Italy – Surgical disposable / Consumables.
  • Medtronic/Covidien, USA – Vascular, Dialysis, RMS, Medical disposables.
  • Bastos Viegas, Portugal ? Bandages, Theatre drapes, Gowns, masks, Caps.
  • Nipro, Japan ? Syringes, Needles, IV catheters, Scalpvein set, AV Fistula set.
  • Angiodynamic, USA ? Oncology port, Huber needles.
  • Primus Gloves, India- Surgical gloves
  • Multimedical, Italy ? Oncology disposables
  • Ranfac, USA ? Bone marrow biopsy needle
  • R-Vent Medikal, Turkey – Anesthesia, intensive care, breathing systems, Oxygen & Aerosol therapy products.
  • Vogt Medical, Germany ? Medical Disposable.
  • Cera carta, Italy ? Recording chart papers
  • Lamed, India ? Medical Disposable
  • Welford, UK ? Surgical Disposable
  • SSI Diagnostika, Denmark ? Anti-sera and Diagnostic Kits
  • Vissco, India ? Orthopedic ProductsMSS2

Contact Details
Medical & Scientific Supplies LLC
P.O. Box No. 737, Muscat,
Postal Code : 100
Sultanate of Oman
Tel.: (968) 24497844
Fax: (968) 24493770

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