Muscat Contract Cleaning Maintenance & Services LLC ( An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company)


Muscat Contract Cleaning Maintenance & Services LLC (MCCMS) is an OMZEST Group Company and one of the leading Facilities Management Company providing Integrated Services in Oman. The Company was registered in 1986 as Muscat Contract Cleaning LLC (MCC). Later the Company’s name was changed to Muscat Contract Cleaning Maintenance & Services LLC (MCCMS) so as to emphasize and reflect the role of the Company in the Civil & Electromechanical Maintenance Services as well. The “Facilities Management Services” at Muscat Contract Cleaning Maintenance & Services LLC believes in being a virtual part of the company and a valuable extension of a company?s management capability.

Consisting of a team of dedicated professionals with hand-on experience, the Company offers clients a gamut of FM solutions. Thus, we co-ordinate and manage such essential services as housekeeping, security and electro mechanical & HVAC services to name a few. We also specialize in carrying out all kinds of Building repairs & refurbishment. Other services offered by the Company are Pest Control Services, Garbage Disposal, Sewage/Effluent Disposal, Landscaping Services, Façade Cleaning and Hygiene Cleaning of Water Tanks.

By hiring our services you get:

  • Enhance Service Levels & provide Value Additions
  • Benchmark & Standardize maintenance procedures
  • Make sure there are no operational headaches
  • Reduce Costs / Economies of scale
  • Right size the head count & effectively manage space
  • Help overcome skill shortfall & specialist equipment shortage
  • Improve accountability, monitor the performance levels and reduce user risk
  • Utilize our purchasing leverage to your benefit
  • Help you with contractual management viz. AMC?s of capital equipment etc
  • Optimally configure the backbone services
  • Deal effectively with all forms of obsolescence based on their criticality
  • Get you updated on the latest and most comprehensive mechanisms

Our work ethos stem from the awareness that the people who are able to really make a difference are not only the ones with credentials, but also concern. We endeavor to approach all situations with an open mind, spruced up with a holistic problem-solving attitude.

We do this by delivering

  • Cost-effective solutions that save you money.
  • Increased efficiency and improved productivity as you outsource your business? non-core activities to the experts, us!
  • Enhanced quality of service as a result of better managed workplace and environs.


Contact Details:
Muscat Contract Cleaning Maintenance & Services LLC
(An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company)
P. O. Box 58, Muscat,
Postal Code ? 100,
Sultanate of Oman
Tel: +968 24591881 / 24595465
Fax: +968 24590861
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