National Oilfield Supply Company LLC

National Oilfield Supply Company L.L.C. (NOSCO) was formed in 1986 to cater to the energy sector of the Sultanate of Oman by providing equipment and services. Over the years the company has grown to serve the broad spectrum of upstream and downstream of oil & gas sector along with water, power and environmental sectors. The company is managed by a group of highly motivated and experienced professionals with multilingual skills.

NOSC Plant

NOSCO as a part of the Omar Zawawi group of companies, under the wise guidance of its President, H.E. Dr. Omar Bin Abdul Muniem Al Zawawi, and in keeping with the policies of His Majesty’s Government, is endeavoring to contribute to the overall growth of the nation by providing quality services and products to the national infrastructure. The company strives to be innovative in developing projects through strategic alliances with international partners with emphasis on local value addition, development of Omani human resources and abiding to its quality and HSE policies.


  • One of the key focus areas of NOSCO is to form suitable international alliances in the upstream & downstream segments of oil industry and infrastructure sectors.
  • The company also focuses on supporting its principals in a number of key areas notably oil & gas and infrastructure.



  • Centrifugal pumps.
  • Heat shrinkable sleeves.
  • Oil & gas exploration
  • EPC contracts for oil & gas, civil construction & Power Plants
  • Integrated drilling & well services
  • EOR technology
  • Power projects
  • Seismic  data acquisition & analysis
  • Non-destructive testing & Rig Inspection services
  • Mud & sludge treatment
  • Maintenance of processing plants


  • Daqing Oilfield Design Institute CO., LTD.
  • Daqing Powerlift, China – ESP & PCP, Beam Pumps.
  • Dasheng, Canada – Heat shrink Sleeves.
  • Great Wall drilling Co., China – Integrated drilling Services
  • Kalki Technologies, India  – SCADA services
  • OleumTech Corporation, USA – Wireless Remote monitoring & Process Control systems
  • Swelore – Metering pumps, diaphragm pumps.
  • TRC advanced Technologies Inc. USA – UPS & Batteries
  • Uztel, Romania – Wellhead X-mass Tree
  • United Mud Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. – Drilling Chemicals


  • First integrated drilling project with PDO by Great Wall Drilling Co.
  • Drilling contract with Daleel Petroleum by Great Wall Drilling Co.
  • Pipeline construction of Harweel expansion project by Tekfen for PDO
  • Seismic data acquisition and processing of Daleel field by PEGETE China
  • Field trials of PCPs in Daleel field by Daqing Powerlift China
  • Supply and Installation of liner equipment in Occidental wells
  • ESP Supply & Management contract with PDO by DESP China
  • Supply of Production Chemicals to Daleel Petroleum.
  • Supply of Drill bits to Daleel Petroleum
  • Supply of drilling chemicals to PDO.
  • Supply of Production Chemicals to PDO
  • Provision of Tubing & Casing inspection services to Petrogas Oman
  • Supply of centrifugal pumps to PDO, Mina Petroleum and Oman India fertilizers.


National Oilfield Supply Co. LLC
P.O. Box No. 2670, Ruwi,
Postal Code : 112, Muscat
Way No.66, Ghala Industrial Area,
Sultanate of Oman
Tel: (968) 24230500
Fax: (968) 24595536
Mr. Thomas Thomas
Sales Manager
Tel.: (968) 24230592
Mob: (968) 97100150
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