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Siemens in Oman and its current activities
Siemens LLC in Oman oversees all of Siemens? activities in the Sultanate. Founded in August 2006 the company is a leader across all its business sectors, i.e. Industry, Energy and Healthcare. Oman, together with the UAE, Qatar and Bahrain forms part of Siemens? presence in the Lower Gulf Region. In fiscal year 2010 (October 1st 2009 ? September 30th 2010), sales to customers in the Lower Gulf Region amounted to EUR 1.2 billion and new orders totaled almost EUR 775 million. Siemens currently has more than 1,800 employees working in the region.

Siemens OmanThe Middle East has traditionally been a key market for Siemens and we have been present in the region for 150 years. Our strategy has stayed the same throughout, which is a commitment to operating on a local level, but with global expertise. Our long and continuous presence here is a source of pride and demonstrates our very strong and consistent commitment to the region. Over these years, we have played a key role in helping build the infrastructure in the region. Whether in terms of the power infrastructure, airports, ports, public buildings and hospitals, you are likely to find Siemens almost everywhere.

Siemens turnkey projects in Oman
Siemens is building two turnkey combined cycle power plants in Oman. The purchaser of the project-financed plants is a consortium led by the French utility GDF SUEZ. Siemens will build the two 750-megawatt plants Barka III and Sohar II as consortium leader together with its South Korean partner GS E&C. In May 2012, the plants will initially go on line as simple-cycle gas turbine installations, with the extension to combined cycle stations to follow. We are confident that our proven track record will help to win more projects that are to come ? be it on the Industry, Infrastructure and Cities Sector.

Siemens contributing to the development of the energy and utilities sectors in Oman
The strengthening of the Omani Power transmission grid, the award of new high tech Combined Cycle Power Plants and the remarkable plans in the renewable energy sector are living proof that Oman has a well thought electrical energy strategy. From regulation up to implementation, the Omani model is a very successful show-case.

Siemen’s Strengths and competitive edge
The strength of Siemens is definitely in innovation, its global presence and outstanding ability to deliver the promised solutions in the agreed time. Siemens is present in 190 countries, and in all of them it exists as a part of the social fabric ? as an employer and client, as an investor, and as a supplier of innovative products and services.

The number of patents awarded to Siemens increased in the last business year by ten percent to 57900 accumulated. The company?s 30,100 researchers and developers announced 8,800 inventions in the fiscal year 2010, or the equivalent of 40 inventions per working day. The employees applied for around 4,300 new patents. Our leadership in international patent statistics is further testimony to our power of innovation. In published patent applications, we?re No. 3 in Germany (DPMA, 2009) and No. 2 in Europe in patent applications (EPA, 2009). Regarding the granted patents in the United States, Siemens ranks 13th (IPO, 2009). In 2010 Siemens spent ?3,846 million on R&D. That represents 5.1 percent of its sales.

As a result of our innovation programmes Siemens has now achieved a new world record in power plant efficiency with the SGT5-8000H gas turbine at the Irsching 4 plant, with the test phase making history in the field of power plant technology. The new Siemens gas turbine is designed for 400 MW in simple cycle duty and for 600 MW in combined cycle duty.

The future of sustainable energy and development in the power industry
At the moment fossil fuels are the first choice, especially in certain parts of the Middle East, due to the abundance of supply and the current costs, but governments are conscious that these resources are finite. Renewable energy sources, particularly solar, are also abundant in this region and as technology improves it is cheaper and easier to capture these resources. We feel in the next 10-15 years there will be greater parity in cost between renewable energy and fossil fuels and so companies will look to using renewable energy more. Siemens is looking forward to large scale renewable energy solutions and their implementation in the Sultanate of Oman. That may include Wind-Farms, Solar thermal solutions and Photo Voltaic power plants. Siemens believes in the future of renewable energy in the Middle East region, although we are right now in the early stages of this area.

Enhanced Oil recovery methods, especially steam injection, may become a welcome application for Solar Thermal Power Plants. Not only does the Solar Thermal Plant produce electricity, it can store the thermal energy and produce high pressure steam in any quantity at any time of the day.

Plans for affordable high-end healthcare delivery solutions
The world’s population continues to grow rapidly and to get older. It is estimated that by the year 2050 the world’s population will reach nine billion.  Low birth rates, combined with longer life expectancy worldwide lead to ageing societies ? the world’s fastest-growing population segment is the 60-and-over age group. Against this background, some of our greatest challenges are to establish effective healthcare systems over the long term, and to make healthcare affordable for everyone.

Siemens Omanization policy
Siemens has integrated well in Omanization and hiring nationals for various positions in Siemens LLC.  Supported by revisions of the labour law the hiring of national employees will be the preferred option for the years ahead.

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