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WACASCO was established in 1982 as a member of the OMZEST Group and is under technical assistance of NEWREST. It is a specialized caterer within the food industry supplying various markets including In-flight (Airlines), Retail & Business Solutions, and Remote Sites Support Services. NEWREST WACASCO is one of the largest catering organizations in the Sultanate of Oman with over 1500 employees, specializing in industrial catering.  It provides the following services:

Newrest Wasasco

  • Preparation of Food & Dining Facilities
  • Room Service & Cleaning
  • Laundry Services
  • Provision of Catering Equipment
  • Provision of Catering Personnel
  • Garbage Collection
  • Design of Catering & Housekeeping Premises
  • Maintenance of Recreational facilities
  • Ship handling
  • Pest Control
  • Waste Management
  • Water Supply
  • Employees Cafetarias

Exploration and development of oil, gas and mineral resources and work on major construction sites in the Sultanate of Oman have been associated with the growth of an efficient catering industry which services the needs of thousands of workers employed at mining and construction camps in remote areas.   Feeding and accommodating workers of differing ethnic backgrounds has brought about a highly specialized trade capable of meeting widely varying requirements of the many client organizations, some of which are situated in extremely oppressive and remote areas where the communication and access is always a challenge.

Some of the largest locations where NEWREST WACASCO has assumed the role of industrial caterer include the Bahwan Engineering Company and Petron sites at the Petrofac site in Sohar, Ministry of Defence with Military Technological College, several operations related to oil development and production at Fahud, Marmul, Nimr, Rima, Bhaja including drilling camps, pipe laying camps, seismic mobile camps, power station construction camps and road laying and maintenance camps

Today Newrest Wacasco is a leading catering and support services provider for the Oil & Gas industry, Construction, Education, and B&I with more than 110 sites under its operation.

 ISO_Certificates_NWAC2NEWREST WACASCO?S extensive list of clients includes:

  • Halliburton Worldwide Ltd
  • Veritas DGC
  • Schlumberger Group of Companies
  • Saxon
  • KCA Deutag Drilling Company
  • Arabian Drilling & Company LLC
  • Petrogas
  • Midwesco
  • Daleel Petroleum
  • Bahwan Engineering Company
  • Bahwan Automotive Centre
  • British Petroleum
  • Towell
  • BJ Services
  • BJP
  • Al Shawamick
  • Grand Drilling
  • IPC-Gulf EnergyISO_Certificates_NWAC
  • Petron
  • Great Wall
  • Shaleem
  • Bauer
  • ZTC
  • Oman Refreshment Company
  • Al Emtiaz
  • BaOmar
  • Al Baraka Oman
  • Petrojet
  • Sojex
  • FOS

Since 1987, the Ministry of Health in Oman has awarded several contracts to WACASCO for catering, cleaning, laundry and pest control services for many prestigious hospitals.  A few notable hospitals have been the new Rustaq Hospital, New Ibri Hospital and hospitals at Bani Bu Ali, Bani Bu Hassan, Sur, Sinaw, Bureimi, Saham, Sadah, Madinat Al Haq, Rakhyut, Tawi Attair, Khasab, Baya, Bukka, Wadi Hawasna, Bureimi, Ibri and Sohar. The Catering Contract for the prestigious hospital of Sultan Qaboos University was managed by WACASCO from December 1989 until December 1992

  • Hospital catering services must meet very stringent standards on
  • An attractive meal in appearance
  • A stimulating meal in taste
  • A nutritionally balanced meal
  • A meal of adequate size
  • The highest possible hygiene at every stage of procurement to distribution via storage and production
  • The highest possible level of cleanliness including the work areas, corridors, wards and laundry service of professional standards

Since 1988, WACASCO has been providing meals to over 3,000 students in various schools and colleges, vocational training Institutes of the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Social Affairs & Labour and the Ministry of Higher Education.

The catering contract for the prestigious Sultan Qaboos University was awarded to WACASCO in January 1993 for 2 years.  This contract included the preparation and service of meals to over 3,600 students, the VIP restaurant at the Faculty Club and full management of the University Staff Club with over 600 members.

For almost 10 years, the Waljat College has been a strong partner and Newrest Wacasco has been innovative on the provision of its services such as with the recent offers in the brand new cafeteria.

WACASCO had the distinct privilege of serving the elite troops of the Ruler, the Royal Guard of Oman for a period of 5 years from July 1991.  The massive operation involved providing catering services to over 3,000 soldiers at 26 different locations.  The most difficult and enduring service under most trying conditions was to provide meals to the soldiers during His Majesty?s meet the people tours. Some of the organizational factors that make NEWREST WACASCO the most responsive catering and services provider include:

  • Commitment to partnering with Clients to resolve all issues early and effectively before problems arise. By partnering with us, our Client will obtain operational and business process improvements that reduce the project cost and the facility?s operational cost. Our commitment extends from our desire to secure a long-term relationship with our Customer that is based on proven performance and benefits all parties. You can be confident that our price is competitive and represents the best value.
  • A zero-incident HSE philosophy backed by full training and our own NEWREST WACASCO HSE ?branding? that drives our philosophy to each and every employee in operation.
  • Highly competent and professional managerial resources, tested and proven on past projects.
  • Performance-monitoring using critical path analysis, benchmarking and other methods to keep our practices at the leading edge of client expectations.
  • ?State of the art? management techniques and best practice in site safety management, maintained consistently across our operations. NEWREST WACASCO is committed to organizational learning, and embedding best practice in our operational processes and procedures.
  • Our highly developed and reliable logistics and supply chain management function can deliver materials and structures to the most remote of locations.

NEWREST WACASCO offers a dedicated mobilization team experienced in remote site work, tested in execution of contract mobilizations, and unexcelled in anticipating start-up challenges. Our mobilization plan, based on principles and procedures refined on numerous mobilizations, includes contingency plans and back-up procedures that address major areas of risk.

Our logistics capability is unmatched, particularly in remote operations. We can deliver through our extensive supply chain to any remote site via the most efficient route, taking into account all contingencies and local clearance requirements. Our extensive knowledge of Omani trade and import regulations allows us to offer to our Clients an extremely competitive price on the products we provide without compromising on quality. We have full control over our supplier inputs and the supply chain through the creation of preferred supplier agreements. These agreements guarantee the quality of goods we will use in our Contracts.

Our experience in the Oil & Gas, Remote and Defence market sectors informs our operational policies and procedures. Our Customer can be satisfied that NEWREST WACASCO has comprehensive and detailed procedures for health, safety, and environmental aspects that will meet and exceed requirements.

NEWREST WACASCO has the expertise to offer comprehensive training for both the low-skilled tasks and higher-level managerial functions required in support service contracts. Our training programmes are sophisticated and are supported by detailed procedures. We also have expertise in local training initiatives. These lift the skill level of our local staff, benefiting our Clients by increasing our flexibility and service quality.

We ensure that our customers have constant access to a senior and accountable manager who will respond to direction as required. We are committed to working in partnership with our clients through regular management-level meetings to make certain their needs are being fully satisfied.

Our operational services are of the highest class available in the region and match the standards that we deliver to our client sites worldwide. All our services, from catering to housekeeping, are performed with stringent process controls to ensure the job gets done the right way first time around.

Our Clients can also be assured that we have in place the good programmes in safety, quality and environment that make for both an efficient operation and very satisfied customers. Our programmes cover all our support services, including the camp construction through to the management of our supply chain to operational services.

Contact Us
Postal Address:  Po Box 1977, Ruwi, Pc 112
Head Office Address:
Building No: 150, Genserv Building, 1st Floor, Way No: 4457, Azaiba
Tel: (968) 24493124 / 24499127 / 24497128
Fax: (968) 24496107
Email: wacasco@newrest.eu

This year Wacasco will celebrate its 30th Birthday.
The oldest catering company in Oman

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