Waleed Pharmacy starts WING Waleed Initiative in Knowledge Gain.

22nd October 2012

In  the Year  2012,  Waleed Pharmacy has   started  an  innovative,  in-house  Knowledge  Building  Training  Programme  named   as  ?WING?  [Waleed   Initiative   in  (K)Nowledge  Gain] and following  training programmes were held so far.

1]  The  first  WING    training    programme   was   for   ?Diabetes?  in  February,   2012.

2]  The second  WING    training    programme  for  ?Hypertension  &  Blood  Cholesterol?   in   March,  2012.

The above 2 training  programmes   were respectively  conducted  in  3  sessions  to  cover  all  Waleed  Pharmacy  Staffs,Omanis + Expatriates (Total = 118Nos).

3]  The third  WING    training    programme   was   for   ?Soft Skills?  in  October,  2012 . This programme   were  conducted  in  2 sessions  to  cover  all  Managerial & Executive Level  Waleed  Pharmacy  Staffs (Total = 70Nos).

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